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👤 Minimum number of people: 1

⌚ 4:30 am - 6:00 pm


An impressive archeological site which was built by the “Canchis”, predecessors of the incas, Waqrapukara by his etymology means: Wakra: horn and Pukara: fortress, “the horn fortress”, but many people said this name arised from the form that the fortress had originally which was a llama with upped ears. There are many ways to visit this interesting place. We offer you the most beautiful and safe way to get there.

This trip starts picking-you-up from your accommodation. We’ll continue by car arriving to Pitumarca town.

We start the walk roughly from 4.000m towards the archeological site of Waqrapukara by a flat road, enjoying magic landscapes surrounded by mountains. After walking for about two hours, we finally get to Waqrapukara.

For his very special location this place was considered as an astronomical viewpoint, and many Chroniclers thought that it was an important pilgrimage sanctuary. After spending time in Waqrapukara we continue the trip to Capi village, where our private transport will be waiting for us. The journey ends in Cusco City.

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