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Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley



👤 Minimum number of people: 1

⌚ 7:00 am - 6:00 pm


Our company specializes in organizing trips through the Sacred Valley and making sure that travelers take with them a unique and unforgettable experience while seeing the valley´s beauty, history, and culture.

We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco. From here, we will take a bus to all of our destinations for the day.

On our way to Pisaq, about 30 minutes from Cusco, we will make our first stop at the market of Ccorao. Here, locals display their crafts to appreciate their art and buy some beautiful handmade souvenirs for you and your loved ones. You will also have the opportunity during this stop to take photographs of the beautiful landscape of mountains, valleys, and even native animals like llamas!

Afterward, we will continue heading to "the Sacred Valley viewpoint". This lookout of the valley will give you a perfect opportunity to photograph the Andes mountain range and the Sacred Valley all together. We will then arrive at Pisaq to visit its main market and archaeological site. Once finished, we will go to Urubamba and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch of traditional Peruvian dishes.

In the afternoon, we will visit Ollantaytambo's town to visit its unique and extensive archaeological site with its royal baths, high terraces, temples, etc.

Surrounded by towering mountain peaks and colorful valleys (plus a view of a faraway glacier) this town is the most well-preserved layout of a typical, Incan-built city with its narrow, cobbled streets and stone walls. Its conservation allows for the enduring legacy of the Incan people to live on for us today!

On our way back to Cusco, we will make a final stop at the town of Chinchero. Here, we will have the opportunity to visit a beautiful colonial temple known for its mural painting above the entranceway (this temple was built on top of Inca foundations). We will also have the opportunity to see the Incan walls in the town's plaza.

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