Top 6 Kitchen Equipment Needed to be a Top Chef

kitchen design To be a great chef there are many different types of equipment needed. Depending on what type of chef you want to be (baker, organic, sushi chef, etc.) you will want equipment that fits your needs and you can find all of them at a restaurant supply store. Sometimes it is hard to identify what you really need for an efficient kitchen. Below are some basic equipment that any chef needs no matter what their specialty may be.


The refrigerator is the one of the main needed appliances need for any cook. A standard refrigerator would be enough for a table of two. However, if you have a family of 8 or an order for twenty Cornish hens, it’s probably best to get a larger refrigerator. In addition, you can spring for a freezer to hold all that delicious chicken. Either way it is important to have enough space to hold the food before you cook and sometimes after. Nothing is worse than trying to bake a large cake for your child 2nd birthday and to find out you don’t even have room to freeze the crumb coat.


To be a cook you have to have a stove. The main object of cooking is to cook and that is what a stove does cook! Go figure! You cannot cook without a stove, unless of course you use a microwave or a hot plate, ok so you can cook without a stove but it is very difficult. There are a wide variety of stoves available depending on how much room you need to cook. From two burners to six burners, stoves can be very helpful to the cooking experience. Many cooks use gas stoves as it is easier to cook the food evenly versus electric stoves which are harder to control the heat temperature.


The microwave is great for quick cooking. Some chefs think that the microwave should not be in any kitchen anywhere, these chefs have never had to cook for a family full of hungry people. While the microwave may not be essential it is helpful in the cooking process. The best thing to do is to not get a cheap microwave as they can burn out quickly.


While knives may not seem like such a big deal they are very important to the kitchen and a true cook. There are different types of knives including different meat knives, vegetable knives and so forth. And even still a sharp knife is important (have you ever tried to cut a tomato with a dull knife). Finding quality knives to add to your collection is vital to a well equip kitchen.

Cooking Utensils

Can you cook an egg with a spoon? Of course you can but wouldn’t it be easier to use a fork. Having the right cooking utensils is important when trying to prepare meals. A spatula to flip a pancake is better than trying to flip it with a knife. And just as with knives it is important to get quality cooking utensils to ensure durability.

kitchen utensilsCooking Equipment

Pots, pans and roasters oh my! When cooking good cooking equipment can be a life saver. Food can cook more evenly in the correct cooking equipment. Also, cooking is much easier when you have the right equipment in your arsenal. Choices like stainless steel, non-stick and durable can improve cooking skills greatly.


While the above list is one of essential equipment in the kitchen, there are other important and helpful items available that are also available. Items like a mixer, blender, peeler and food processor are all great additions to a kitchen. Having the tools that are necessary for a comfortable cooking environment is the most important thing when considering kitchen equipment and becoming a top chef.